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 A love song to Japan and the irresistible pull between our two cultures

Hanako plunges the audience into the hyper-realistic fantasy of a young Japanese girl journeying from the pages of a traditional Noh play into an imagined future-world as she attempts to escape the control of two warring adults from East and West, past and present. Traditional Japan collides with contemporary urban culture, music, anime and fashion as the audience follows Hanako on her precarious journey into the future.

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Lights. Camera. Viral

You are sitting on the bus on the way home from a hard days work, quietly minding your own business when an argument breaks out. You overhear that the disagreement is racially motivated. The argument heats up and the threat of violence increases. A young girl takes out a mobile phone and starts to film the event. What do you do? Do you continue to sit quietly? Do you speak up and risk becoming the victim of a violent attack? When you get home that evening you get online to realise the footage from the event has gone Viral.

Viral is a new work written and devised by Shock Therapy Productions. It explores the role of social media and technology and how it impacts the way we record, communicate and think about events of racism, abuse, violence and sexual assault in the community.

It explores the line between disassociation and raising awareness about such events, asking the question “is it better to record these activities and post it on the Internet or step in and stop it from occurring in the first place”?

Viral was inspired by a number of true events and broader societal changes facing Gold Coasters and the wider community. The show has been developed through a series of community consultation workshops aimed at gathering true accounts of acts of discrimination against a variety of marginalised groups.

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This year we've compiled a meticulous short list of gift ideas for the theatre lovers in your life.  Plus every order we receive that contains one of our suggested titles will receive a free play as a bonus gift from us to you to ensure that your holiday season is merry and bright. 


Do you have a rising star in your family?  From zombies to chat rooms our ‘Prodigies’ selection has something for both primary and senior school aged students that will fuel their curious and creative minds this holiday season.     

talkingtobrickwalls cover  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.07.39 pm 1  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.19.58 pm  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.21.52 pm  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.26.19 pm


Sensational Scholars

The ‘Sensation Scholars’ selection is filled with a range of contemporary Australian plays with challenging themes and conventions perfect for friends or family studying in the creative arts.  Each can be read either for pleasure or for deeper contemplation with a pencil in hand scratching thoughtful musings in moleskin journals. 

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Seasoned Pros

A collection of acclaimed works sure to be treasured by any ‘Seasoned Pro’. Containing works from around the country that span across different cultures and perspectives these critically praised titles are sure to bolster any library. 

frontcoverkryptonite  rice small cover  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 12.58.34 pm  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 1.03.00 pm  Screen Shot 2017 11 29 at 1.04.31 pm 

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Just how bad can our country get?

Perfect for a politically charged classroom!  This new work by award-winning playwright Lachlan Philpott covers themes of oppression, revolution, and influence while encouraging conversation around our own countries current political climate.  Get your students thinking about the big picture by adding this new play to your 2018 syllabus. 

It’s 2022 and Queensland is now part of China to resolve a civil war. The rest of Australia has become Nation One, with a conservative government and a return to traditional values. The regime's hopes and dreams are pinned on the next generation and the school formal is a chance for them to celebrate their achievements and history.

After the difficult exams and aptitude tests, the formal is the last night of freedom before these young citizens step up to serve their government. But this formal will end more than their time at school and it will change their future forever.

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Discounts Across Our Large Cast Collection
(Offer Ends 31/10/17)

talkingtobrickwalls coverTalking To Brick Walls:
Cast Size - 25
Was $23.95
Now only $19.95 -

Hey! We need to talk!  And we've needed to talk for over 8000 years.  Talking to Brick Walls is a hybrid verbatim piece exploring adolescent and parent relationships.  It was co-created be eleven young artists alongside facilitators Claire Christian and Ari Palani over a period of three and a half months.  This is the conversation they wanted to have.  The story the wanted to tell.  The show they wanted to make.

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Screen Shot 2017 10 04 at 11.16.03 amHeadspace:
Cast Size - 14
Was $23.95
Now Only $19.95

Penelope is a 17 year old girl who feels as if she has the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Everyday she travels to and from school on the train. It is the only time she has to herself; before the responsibility of being a mother figure to her younger sister, and housekeeper for her father, takes a hold of her. She listens to her iPod and the playlist becomes a soundtrack to imaginative episodes as she moves in and out of her own subconscious.

In this place, Penelope meets an assortment of characters that 

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represent the many roles she has to play in life; her rational and irrational self. Through each episode, a dilemma in her life is expose

d and reflected through her interaction with the exaggerated characters. The characters know everything about Penelope. They are a manifestation of her emotions, beliefs and internal logic.

Penelope's journey through this story is about coming to terms with responsibility and making the tough decisions we all have to in life.

Screen Shot 2017 10 04 at 11.20.14 amIn a Heart Beat:
Cast Size - 17
Was $24.95
Now Only $19.95

In a Heart Beat follows the story of Jamie, a frustrated teenager with big ideas to leave his school and family all behind at the very first chance he gets. An outsider in his town, Jamie is suddenly hurtled into a journey beyond his known parameters.

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kaboomfrontcoverThe Kaboom Collection:
Orbit Cast Size - 20
The Landmine Is Me Cast Size - 27
Was $25.95
Now Only $19.95

Orbit: Orbit is a science fiction adventure about 20 young people, of which two will be chosen to carry on humanity’s bright future on planet Mars. The teenagers must compete in a series of grueling tests, deciding their best strategies for survival. Will they form an alliance or go it alone? Admit their weaknesses or cover them up at all costs?

Kaboom ShopNOwThe Landmine Is Me: There’s a bomb in the school. It's going to explode. Do you know who did it?

The Land Mine is Me is a comic and contemporary take on the life of an adolescent. The school has been evacuated and we meet the misfits, the perfectionists, the drama queens and the socially awkward. More than an angst-riddled exploration of “teenage issues”, The Land Mine is Me asks the audience to consider, how far do you have to push before someone explodes.

front cover6Destinations Collection:
Please Be Seated Cast Size - 7 - 16
Australian Drama Cast Size - 17
Duty Free Cast Size - 11
Was $34.95
Now Only $28

Please Be Seated: 
This is a performance that knows it’s a performance. Collaboratively devised, drawing on verbatim, movement and music, Please be Seated tracks romantic relationships from reflections on the experience of elders, through childhood, into adolescence, then into the turbulent process of falling in and out of love: something that nobody can teach you how to do. It’s open-ended and messy. Lifelike. Like life. Take a seat. Let’s talk about love.

Black Shop NOwAustralian Drama: The drama class is about to start, and that’s not the only thing that’s beginning. These young people love Drama. So does their teacher, but not quite as much as he loves himself. He throws scraps of scripts at them. Fragments of Australian Drama. They all face unusual characters, unfamiliar settings, and blurry motivations as they try to find themselves in the work. Before they can connect with the script they must connect with one another, but how can they possibly make their scene work when they’re so busy working the scene? Australian Drama playfully plays with the playing of plays.

Duty Free: Combining monologue with blog, the spoken word with the social networking update, Duty Free explores the overseas adventures that fill some people’s ‘gap year’. The itinerary is not inclusive of a three-act structure, a hero’s journey, or blinding and timely revelations where it all makes sense. Monologue-based, with interludes of music and movement, it’s a quiet, concentrated, intimate show that travels through identity formation in both lived and described experience. Off on a journey to find yourself? Bon Voyage. There you are.

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