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Audition season for acting schools around Australia is fast upon us

With hundreds of thousands of plays out there it can be an overwhelming task to find monologues that resonate as prime audition pieces.  To make this process just a smidge easier we bring you ‘Monologue Month’.  

For the month of September we’ll be sharing the tantalising first bites of choice monologues from our catalog of plays.

You may be thinking ‘Playlab, you fools.  You’ve already given me half a monologue!  With a bit of pacing, if I pause long enough here and there to build the dramatic tension, I can make this text work as is!  I don’t need to “buy” your “play”.  Who cares what comes next, before or even ever!’.  

We bring you a message from our Artistic Director/ CEO Ian Lawson, a seasoned director who has auditioned actors extensively for the past 20 years:

“Quite simply, you need to read the play. To bring authenticity and integrity to your work you need to fully understand all the forces impacting a character’s life, and the context of the monologue in relation to the whole of the play. That way you can make informed and specific choices that separate you from other actors. If I know a play I can tell pretty quick if an actor hasn’t read it… So, please, read the play”.

At the end of the day a large part of acting is about the choices you make, so make those choices informed ones.

We hope you enjoy our Monologue Month and find the perfect audition piece you’ve been looking for.

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HEDONISM’S SECOND ALBUM by Claire Christian and David Burton, a comedy that dives into the themes of friendship, success and fame.

Sumo, Male, 20’s, pg 62:

“When I was a kid I made drums out of milk crates and made this fuckin’ awful racket. I think I’d seen something on RAGE — ACDC or some shit. I was six. And my next door neighbour, Tiff, she was super hot for like a six year old and she came over and said I was good. And at that stage my Mum had just left and everything was shit and I was just like — yeah awesome, drums.

My Dad bought me a kit, saved up, and fuck. Drums. I’ve just always played. In high school I was in a band with my best mate then, Scottie. Girls would always lose their shit and be like you’re good — so I was always like, yeah awesome, drums.

I dunno if I even love doing it. I dunno. Just always have. I know I’m not the best, but I know I’m not shit. Just drums is about mates and girls and, yeah, fuckin awesome.

I’m never…”

Need to read the rest?  Grab HEDONISM'S SECOND ALBUM by David Burton and Claire Christian.

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HEDONISM’S SECOND ALBUM by Claire Christian and David Burton, a comedy that dives into the themes of friendship, success and fame.

Phil, Female, 20’s, pg 28:

Context: MICHAEL and CHIMNEY are all passed out around the studio. In the middle of the mess stands PHIL, who regards them with a sense of disgust. The boys are all severely, severely hung over.

"People are paying you to be here. You have a job to do.

Unfortunately we do not have the time to go into how the faecal matter managed to find itself inside a sealed snare drum. Nor how the entire Indooroopilly chapter of the Bandidos were here in this studio last night. We don’t have time to go into why I may have just been forwarded an email from Australia Zoo’s lawyers asking for the safe return of Warwick the Wombat. Nor do we have time to properly investigate..."

Need to read the rest?  Grab HEDONISM'S SECOND ALBUM by David Buton and Claire Christian.

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Screen Shot 2018 09 06 at 11.31.15 amGAYBIES by Dean Bryant, hotly political and deeply personal, Gaybies shares the intimate real-life stories of children from same-sex parents, surrogate mums, donor dads, co-parents and guardians.

Daniel, Male, 30’s, pg 21:

"I went to this place, which was kind of like counselling for kids, and this one time one of the counsellors, who I hadn’t ever met with before, so didn’t have that trust, he sat down and said “so what do you think of your Dad and Bob’s relationship?” and I was like, “whatever”. Now, I’d always suspected they were gay — not that I really knew what it meant at the time — but I always thought there was something going on there — but I’d almost feel bad for even thinking that. And I’m like, “I don’t know” and he’s like, “you do know they’re gay, right?” I just wanted to punch the guy in the head … a lot. It was not so much what he’d told me, it was more..."

 Need to read the rest?  Grab GAYBIES by Dean Bryant.



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MUSIC by Jane Bodie, a surprising and surprisingly funny story of people connecting and colliding, as two actors blunder their way into Adam’s life, causing untold damage to him as a result.

Gavin, Male, 30’s, pg 18:

"You probably think guys like me, guys, that do what I do for a living, are, we’re dickheads. And, you’re right. I mean, most actors, are … dickheads, right? We all hang around, in the same places. Same haircuts.
ADAM is now looking at him. And let’s face it we’re all, trying to get the same job. Saying to each other that we’re hoping the other guy gets it, patting him on the back, I’m right behind you mate. But actually we’re hoping, praying, that they fuck it right up, so we don’t have to watch them get..."

Need to read the rest?  Grab MUSIC by Jane Bodie

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cover image1TROLLOP by Maxine Mellor, a dramatic fantasy. Complex and challenging it both explores and exploits contemporary communication modes.

Eugenie, Female, 20’s, pg 77:

“Story time! I went to an all-girls school.

When I was thirteen I fell madly in love. Her name was Lorraine Kowalski —
She was a couple of years above me, and, I don’t know, different . She had spiky black hair, and wore boots instead of the regular school shoes — I think she lied she had bad ankles or something. Teachers didn’t much bother her anyway; they found her intimidating.

The first time I saw her, she was colouring her nails with a Nikko at assembly. I kept following her secretly at lunch breaks to try to find some way that I could accidentally meet her.

Sometimes her and her little group of outcasts would sneak behind the sports shed, which is a big no-no, and one lunchtime a teacher caught them and banned them from hanging out back there. That’s when I saw my opening..."

 Need to read the rest?  Grab TROLLOP by Maxine Mellor.

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Screen Shot 2017 08 30 at 10.50.38 amOEDIPUS DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE by Daniel Evans.

Eirene, Female, 18, pg 113:

You weren’t at school. 
I handed in your assignment. 
Your ancient history assignment. 
You got an A Minus. 
Looks just like your handwriting. 
The ‘p’s were hard. 
You put a curl in their tail. 
Took me a few goes. 
But I got them. 
Mrs Samios marked you — me — you — me down for going over the word limit. 
But there was just so much to say, you know? 
I could have written two essays.
That wasn’t funny.
That was stupid.
To herself, privately:] Stupid..."

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Need to read the rest?  Grab OEDIPUS DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE by Daniel Evans.

Screen Shot 2018 09 03 at 1.29.49 pmDEAD DEVILS OF COCKLE CREEK by Kathryn Marquet, is a new black comedy with the safety off.
Across one night, when two unexpected visitors trigger a series of events, George is going to discover that ideology can only take you so far when sometimes the problem just needs a damned good beating.

George, Female, 30, pg 53:

"When I was ten years old, I went to Fiji with my dad. They had a turtle in a bath tub. It couldn’t move. And, you know why? So Australian tourists could get their photo taken with it. The guy would hold it up out of the water, like a fucking toy, and the tourist would smile and her husband would snap a picture. They’d give the guy two dollars. I saw that turtle and something broke. And, I asked the man how much it would cost to free it. He said..."

Need to read the rest?  DEAD DEVILS OF COCKLE CREEK by Kathryn Marquet.



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Screen Shot 2018 09 03 at 1.29.49 pmDEAD DEVILS OF COCKLE CREEK by Kathryn Marquet, is a new black comedy with the safety off.
Across one night, when two unexpected visitors trigger a series of events, George is going to discover that ideology can only take you so far when sometimes the problem just needs a damned good beating.

Mickey, Male, 40's, pg 71:

"Now, look here, Destinee, we had this lad working for us — Zhang Wei was his name. Now, Tommy — that’s me eldest brother — comes to me and says, “Zhang Wei’s got his hands in the till, but he’s denying it. You gotta use the drill”. Now, I say to me brother, “I can’t torture Zhang Wei. He’s Chinese. That’d be racist”. Now, money keeps going missing and me da gets involved. And, me da’s a wise man. He says, “Mickey, if Zhang Wei were Anglo, would you torture him?” “Of course, da,” I say. “Well, son, people are like little pearls, they are. Each one’s unique and special. The minute you try to define people you get stuck, see? If you don’t torture Zhang Wei, then you’re discriminating against him, putting him into a category where he’s feckin’ different, just because he’s Chinese. Don’t be a racist, son. For there’s nothin’ lower on this here-fecking-Earth”. Well, I felt ashamed of meself for being so racist. So, I got out the old power drill..."

Need to read the rest?  DEAD DEVILS OF COCKLE CREEK by Kathryn Marquet.


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DRIVING INTO WALLS by Suzie Miller, this daring, immersive play is a raw and voyeuristic view of their deepest secrets, rages, anxieties and hopes.

Emma, 17, pg 46:

[Infomercial tone] "Examine the packet before you open it. Take notice of any prior attempts to open it, and run your finger over the packaging to test for any holes or pinpricks that would render the product ineffective! There are a number of ways to open the packaging. Most people use their fingers, which involves a quick rip through the binding, opening up one of the sides of the packaging. Others prefer to use their teeth. Often the teeth option is a good choice for two reasons, firstly because the fingers are otherwise occupied"

Need to read the rest?  Grab DRIVING INTO WALLS by Suzie Miller.



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Screen Shot 2017 08 30 at 11.34.06 amTHE SUBLIME by Brendan Cowell.  Covering themes of sex, sport and power  The Sublime cuts through the media-managed clichés of professional football, plotting an emotionally charged trajectory to expose human faults that go way beyond the sporting field. 

Dean, Male, 20’s, pg 52 – 53:

"Our brother Jayson was always the one pushing it to the limit — with fun, with motorbikes, on the footy field … and yeah … um … this one night — Queen’s birthday bonfire Jay is off his face on pinga’s and acid and bloody who knows what — running round and like dousing himself with kero, shirt off thinking he is hilarious and everyone’s laughing and not thinking that his actions would be bad in any way. Then … ok Phil, you realise I have never told anyone this? Yeah? Jayson lights a durry off a stick — next thing you know his face is on fire. ’Cos the kero, and then … climbing up flame … body face legs … all of him. Jays. Voom.


Everyone in the park, neighbours, all screaming for Jay ’cos it’s him. Liam grabs Jayson, on fire he grabs him anyway, over his shoulder Liam runs with this ball of orange flame across the park to the houses — he throws him into the O’Brien’s out ground pool. I just … watched. I didn’t know it was real."

Need to read the rest?  Grab THE SUBLIME by Brendan Cowell. 

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Screen Shot 2018 09 03 at 1.53.31 pmPALE BLUE DOT by Kathryn Marquet.  A captivating new comedy about aliens, alienation and the terrifying and comforting thought that we are not alone

Holly, Female, 30’s, pg 24

"The mothers’ group, they’re all older than me. I didn’t know motherhood was reserved for the elderly. And, they say shit like, “Our babies sleep 12 hours at a time”. I wanted to hurt them. The way they looked at Chloe — like she was disgusting. On my way home, I was stabbing the blue-rinsematernal unit in my mind and — this car was going faster than I thought and I — turned in front of him and cut him off. He had to brake — a little bit. And, he just — starts screaming. And — smashing his horn and flashing his lights. And — Joelly, it was an accident. And, I thought — he’s going to run me off the road and I’ve got a baby in the car and we’re going to die. And he just sat on my tail and was screaming out his window, “Fucking bitch”. Fucking bitch, like that was the whole..."

Need to read the rest?  Grab PALE BLUE DOT by Kathryn Marquet.

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Playlab Indie Call Outs

We Want Your Scripts!


We are currently seeking titles to be included in our Playlab Indie Collection.

Playlab Indie is a digital collection designed to promote new work that has debuted in the independent theatre sector. 
Playwrights from all over Australia are encouraged to send in their work to be considered for publication in this collection.


Playlab’s Publishing Criteria

We are looking for works that:

- have been produced in the Australian independent sector.

- demonstrate artistic quality and positive critical responses via published reviews and/or peer recommendation. A writer's body of work and any awards received will also be considered.

Additionally, Playlab will also regard how the text demonstrates:

- Legacy and Representation: including the cultural and/or historical value of the work; the cultural diversity represented by the work and/or the writer.


Please include the following in your application

  • A final draft of the work
  • A cover letter that speaks to the above criteria (200 – 300 words)
  • A CV or biography (150 – 250 words)
  • Production history and details
  • Any additional material that you think will support your submission such as reviews, production promotional materials etc.

Please note: if the work you are submitting is an adaptation of an existing work, or includes any materials from existing, copyright protected work, the writer will need expressed written permission from the copyright holder before we are able to consider publishing the work.


Send your applications to

Applications Close: 5.00pm August 2.

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Digital Play Sale sm

We were sitting around the Playlab office getting a little upset because not many people were accessing the hottest new writing from Australia. So we thought, "Why don't we do a sale".
Not just any kind of sale but a MEGA $3 SALE ACROSS ALL OF OUR DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS kind of sale.
It's a sale, that if we're honest is so wild our finance guy raised some eyebrows when we first floated the idea by him. But hey, we reasoned, at least now more people will get their hands on some quality fresh work.
The thing is though, we promised finance guy that we'd only do this sale for two weeks (a.k.a until the 30th of June). So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity now because we won't be able to convince him to let us go this low again for a hot minute.

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AAAAAA Impending Everyone Slider

Inaugural Winner of the 2016 ATYP Foundation Commission (14-17 year olds)

"This cannot be stopped; your history is impending. Everyone will know tomorrow, by the end of lunch, who you really are..."

Someone at Elia’s high school has gained access to all the students’ browser histories, messages and metadata. They plan to release them. What do they want? Nothing more than everybody at the high school finding out who they, and everyone around them, really is. But the students can’t let this happen.  They have secrets that can’t come out, and less than one day to stop their impending release.

Set within a New South Wales high school, Impending Everyone explores what happens when we have to own up to the things we have said, when anonymity is stripped away and our desires are laid bare.

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During the month of April we are offering a free digital download of either Gallipoli Bill by Arthur Adams  or  Snapshots from Home by Margery Forde  when you purchase a copy of  The Unknown Soldier by Sandra Eldrige  or  The Long Way Home by Daniel Keene.
Simply select your choice from the drop down before you check out and we'll email you your selection within 1-2 business days.

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