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ATYP Commission Bundle

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Cast Size
CAST SIZE: Large Cast Without Doubling
Target Audience
LENGTH: 1 Hour
   PLAYWRIGHT: Multiple playwrights
$ 55.00
Discount: $ 16.85




Every year ATYP look for ideas that embrace the age of young performers, that provides something substantial to sink their teeth into. Over time these commissions have developed a canon of sophisticated works for young actors that are performed in theatres and schools around the country.  For a limited time we're offering a bundle where you can grab any three of our ATYP commission publications for only $55. 

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Screen Shot 2018 11 08 at 12.24.43 pmCharlie Pilgrim (Or A Beginner's Guide To Time Travel):
Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim has. And with the prototype of her time machine – The Mobius – ready for a test run, she was hoping to get her chance.

Unfortunately, starting up the machine has accidentally created a closed time loop that adds a new Charlie every twenty-four hours. With the population rising and group dynamics coming into play, things go from Interstellar to Lord of the Flies pretty fast. To save her soul, and prevent the universe from collapsing under the weight of a mounting series of mind-bending paradoxes, Charlie is forced to do battle… with herself.


Screen Shot 2017 10 25 at 11.46.55 amWonder Fly by Nick Atkins:
Bridie doesn’t tend to stand out. It’s halfway through her first year of high school and nothing seems to be changing. That is until, a box mysteriously appears on her bed. Attached to it is a card that reads, “It’s time to become who you were born to be Wonder Fly. The Red Wasp strikes midnight tomorrow.”

Wonder Fly is a coming-of-age hero’s quest. The only problem is; no one’s sure who the hero is supposed to be. Set in Sydney-slash-Gotham City, the play leaps out of the world of a comic book. People are isolated, and evil preys on the spaces in between. There are bright lights and dark alleyways, just the way the Red Wasp intended.  

Armed with nothing more than a box, a costume, a mask, a torch, a few eclectic superpowers and a map with a big ‘X’ on it, Wonder Fly asks the question: if we are all heroes, who does that make the villain?

Screen Shot 2017 10 25 at 11.50.32 amFight With All Your Might The Zombies Of Tonight by Matthew Whittet:
It's not easy being young and smart.  

Alex is a twelve-year-old with a keen eye and a wit to match.  She's been watching everyone at school for the last few days like an eagle... or maybe a hawk, and something's not right.  Everyone is acting weird.  They're all starting to say the same things, wear the same clothes, do bad dance routines in the corridors for no reason at all and meet up after school to drink decaf-mocha-latte-soy-frappucions.   The writing's on the wall.  She knows what's happening.  They're all turning into zombies.

In fact, it's the Night of the Zombies - that fateful occurrence that happens once every 200 years.  Alex and her buddies know what to do, they'll have to fight with all their might the zombies of tonight. 



Screen Shot 2017 10 25 at 11.55.22 am

The Trolleys by Sara West:
The Trolleys are a gang of six living on the outskirts of the city. They need their light jars to survive the dangerous place they live in but their lights are fading fast and no one knows why. It's up to Savage Kim and her fiery, soulful, smart, skittish (and sometimes silly) gang to embark on a dangerous journey to figure it out. All they know is that they don’t have much time and if they fail they too will disappear. They will be Dusters. 

This captivating new play by Sara West won the 2014 ATYP Foundation Commission Award. It’s got a big heart and asks big questions. What happens if you inherit a world where you aren’t safe? What do we need to survive in the dark? Who will save us if we can’t save ourselves? 

No one wants to be a Duster… 



Luke Lloyd: Alienoid by John Armstrong:
Luke is smart, funny, shy and highly imaginative – but has no friends at school. In fact, he feels like he’s not even of the same species as the other kids in his class. But that isn’t surprising, because he’s not. 

Luke’s father (whom he has never met) came from a distant planet - which makes Luke half human, half alien. He’s an ‘alienoid’. Which explains a lot, thinks Luke. This delightful new play for actors aged between 10 and 13 is the winner of the 2013 ATYP Foundation Commission. Fresh from the imagination of AFI and Logie Award-winning writer John Armstrong, Luke Lloyd: Alienoid speaks to the little bit of alien in all of us. 

Screen Shot 2017 10 25 at 12.04.25 pmCompass by Jessica Bellamy:
The teacher is missing, there isn’t enough food, it’s getting dark and no one mentioned that the toilets out here are nothing but holes in the ground. 

For a small group of students, it seems their grade seven camp couldn’t get much worse, that is until a stranger appears. 

Compass is a comedy with a sting in its tail, which asks how far we’ll go to hold on to what we think we deserve. If we are barely managing to take care of ourselves, how do we treat an outsider? Is our moral compass set in stone, or can we get lost?

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