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Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore by Daniel Evans

sub1 THEMES: Family, Community, Tragedy, Loss


LENGTH: 1.5 Hours
Cast Size
CAST SIZE: 5 - 6 Cast Members
Target Audience
   PLAYWRIGHT: Daniel Evans
$ 23.95
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Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore was produced by Queensland Theatre Company and premiered at the Bille Brown Studio at The Greenhouse in May, 2015

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What if Oedipus lived next door? What if the whole street knew what he’d been up to with his own mother, because of the word daubed in fluorescent letters on his garage door? 

Queensland Premier’s Drama Award winner Daniel Evans brings the drama and horror of an Ancient Greek myth to the sleepy cul-de-sacs of modern Australian disturbia in this wild, wonderful ride spinning off from Sophocles’ 2500-year-old Theban plays. Evans (I Want to Know What Love Is, I Should Have Drunk More Champagne) shines a blacklight into the bedrooms and basements of the most infamous family in mythology by reimagining them as the unseen but most gossiped-about family on the block. 

In this dark and savagely funny play we’re led by a chorus of quirky characters into the secret, tragic, desperate lives of a family cursed to be the centre of attention. Evans asks what devils lurk in our own backyards? How do tight-knit communities cope with unspeakable tragedy? How do we point the finger when there’s nowhere to lay the blame? And who ends up playing the monster? 

Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore is the story of a tragedy no one saw coming, but everyone wants to talk about.

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"The delicate balance of graphic horror and broad comedy allows us to safely engage one of the enduring problems of human existence, how do we respond in the face of something, so many things, that are truly dreadful. It is that rare work of art that can at once entertain and horrify." - Arts Hub

ISBN: 978 1 925338 24 9

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