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Playlab exists to build theatre that matters. Playlab seeks to identify, nurture and support playwrights by offering; development initiatives that provide structure, critical feedback and investment to create high quality work; programs to build skills; and a pathway to the stage in the form of professional productions. Playlab is also dedicated to the promotion of playwrights through the publication of their work and advocacy to local and national presenters and producers. 


Playlab Values:

We are committed to:

·       Agency – giving Queensland playwrights and artists a voice on the Australian stage.

·       Career Development – providing pathways for growth both professionally and creatively to artists at all levels of experience.

·       Collaboration – seeking to make partnerships that elevate and empower Playlab and the artists in its programs.

·       Connectivity – linking artists and opportunity, audience and product. 

·       Currency – work that speaks to the socio-political realities of Australian society.

·       Diversity & Equality – celebrate and promote difference through equal opportunity.

·       Excellence – producing the highest quality outcomes with and for artists.

·       Integrity – operating in a transparent and accountable manner in all endeavours.

·       Rigor – an uncompromising commitment to best practice in all processes.


Playlab’s Goals:


·       Identify and Develop quality Queensland playwrights and their work.

·       Publicise Queensland playwrights to the local and national theatre scene.

·       Produce and present works of excellence by Queensland playwrights.

·       Connect the arts and education sectors through professional development and publication.

·       Preserve Australia’s cultural capital via publication.

·       Promote great art and artists through publication and production.

·       Reflect Australia’s diversity.

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Playlab is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland     



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