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The Harbinger by David Morton and Matthew Ryan


THEMES: Storytelling, Loss, Memories


LENGTH: 1 Hour
Cast Size
CAST SIZE: 9 + Cast Members
Target Audience
   PLAYWRIGHT: Matthew Ryan
$ 24.95
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Synopsis: An old man hides away in a dusty old bookshop, forgotten and alone with only a handful of beautiful memories as comfort. Gone are the days of magnificent apple orchards, rowboats on crystal streams and picnics under the moon. Gone is the woman he loves. 

Throughout the long years of his life, the old man has watched the magic in the world disappear and his crowded city sink into misery. Haunted by painful memories of a much happier time and place, he toils away long days to forget. But when a young girl arrives, desperate for protection, the old man is forced to relive the pain and pleasures of his own past and uncovers a chance to change the city forever… 

This enchanting adult fairytale by Queensland's inimitable Dead Puppet Society creates a richly magical world where the lines between reality and make-believe fall away. Written and directed by David Morton (The Timely Death of Victor Blott) and Matthew Ryan (boy girl wall), The Harbinger will clear your mind and bring to life your most fantastical dreams.

 “This work astounds with its simplicity, its mastery and the display of technical prowess… Bravo!” Theatre People, August 2013.

Production History: The Harbinger was first produced by Dead Puppet Society and La Boite Theatre Company as part of La Boite Indie 2011, premiering on 13 July, 2011. Due to popular demand The Harbingerwas included in La Boite Theatre Company’s mainstage season in 2012, opening on 11 August 2012. The 2014 national tour of The Harbinger was co-produced with Critical Stages and has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

ISBN: 978 1 921390 75 3

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