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The Truth About Kookaburras by Sven Swenson

Sven Swenson

"With The Truth About Kookaburras, writer/director Sven Swenson has delivered a work that could rightly, without any fear of...

$ 9.95
the trolleysfrontcover

The Trolleys by Sara West

Sara West

Winner of the 2014 ATYP Foundation Commission

$ 23.95

The Tempest by William Shakespeare Adapted by Lynne Bradley

Lynne Bradley

"It's Shakespeare as you have never seen it." — The Courier Mail, July 4 2009

$ 14.00
teenage alchemist promo cover promo

The Teenage Alchemist by Angela Betzien

Angela Betzien

"The Teenage Alchemist is a wonderfully engaging, informative play that has helped us to create a better life for every child...

$ 23.95
sublime cover

The Sublime by Brendan Cowell

Brendan Cowell

"So at one level The Sublime is a play about sport and sexual abuse, though that hardly does justice to its shimmering black...

$ 23.95
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The Salt Remains by Tom Gardiner

Tom Gardiner

What do you do if you find yourself being haunted?

$ 14.00
the rites of passage trilogy

The Rites Of Passage Trilogy by Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis

Chronicling life’s defining moments, The Rites of Passage Trilogy tracks the journey from teenager to young adult.

$ 50.00
Discount: $ 13.90

The Pride by Side Pony Productions

Side Pony Productions

“It is a deeply poignant story, painful for the older generation, life affirming for the younger that writer/director Zoe Pepper...

$ 9.95

The Pipe Manager by Lisa O'Neill

Lisa O`Neill

"A dark and quirkily comic journey through bureaucratic insanity" - Live Guide, November 2009.

$ 23.95
the pineapple wars cover

The Pineapple War by Lachlan Philpott

Lachlan Philpott

Just how bad can our country get?

$ 23.95


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