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toxic chutney5

Chutney by Steven Gration

Steven Gration

Chutney is sweet, bitter, spicy, and special. A relationship of flavours, not unlike the unions humankind share

$ 5.00
Discount: $ 18.95

Proppa Solid by Steven Oliver

Steven Oliver

"JUTE Theatre Company is, as always, on the cutting edge of emerging theatre and Proper Solid suits locally and is yet another...

$ 39.95
gods of spicy things & tiptoe cover new

Gods of Spicy things by Sue Hayes

Sue Hayes

Two Hindu gods, two mortals, an urn, and a Lonely Planet guide.

$ 5.00
Discount: $ 18.95

The Matilda Women by Sue Rider

Sue Rider

Relive the vibrant stories of nine extraordinary women from Australia’s past- Gladys Moncrieff, Australia’s ‘Queen of Song’;...

$ 23.95

My Story Your Story by Sue Rider

Sue Rider

From a remote Indigenous community to the bright lights of the City, Jesse discovers that everybody’s story is worth telling.

$ 14.00

Kryptonite by Sue Smith

Sue Smith

"'Kryptonite' is undoubtedly one of the finest Australian plays in recent memory." — Larry Heath, The AU Review

$ 23.95

Driving Into Walls by Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller

"... the creators of this play treat adolescent experience with a maturity and insight way beyond their interviewees' tender...

$ 25.95

OneFiveZeroSeven by Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller

"The empathy that writer Suzie Miller has poured into this show was profound... the audience were moved to tears." Ebony...

$ 25.95

Snow White created by Lindy Hume, Zulya Kamalova, Suzie Miller Libretto by Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller

Don’t bring the children.

$ 23.95
ttak_playlab cover_light_05aug12_small7

The Truth About Kookaburras by Sven Swenson

Sven Swenson

"With The Truth About Kookaburras, writer/director Sven Swenson has delivered a work that could rightly, without any fear of...

$ 9.95


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