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LBSeason2018Portraits 10 copyMcDonagh meets Tarantino in a biting new comedy about leading the charge for change.

Working out of a small shack in the isolated wilds of south-western Tasmania, George, an environmental scientist, is trying to save the world one Tassie Devil at a time.  Since she was a small girl she has dreamt of halting the advance of climate change, but saving a species in the middle of nowhere will have to do, for now.

Sharing the cramped shack with George is Harris, a ranger with an annoying chicken nugget obsession, who has been charged with bringing a feral dog plague under control to help protect George’s work with the devils.  Across one night, when two unexpected visitors trigger a series of events, George is going to discover that ideology can only take you so far when sometimes the problem just needs a damned good beating.

A co-production between Playlab and La Boite The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek is a dark comedy by Brisbane’s Kathryn Marquet (Pale Blue Dot).

This play was developed through Playlab’s Beta Testing and Playwright-in-Residence programs.

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Reviews and Interviews

"If you want to be shocked and horrified and scandalised in equal measure I can thoroughly recommend The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek." - Phil Brown, The Courier-Mail

"The play twists and turns in surprising ways, sometimes baffling while others shocking. Genuine gasps elicit from the audience when each layer of mystery is pulled back to reveal another" - Scenestr

"A play of plethoric metaphors, The Dead Devils of Cockle Creek is one for theatre intellects and lovers of storylines that force you to question every little detail." - Brisbane Stage

"In director Ian Lawsons hands, it is in-your-face and remorseless in its raise of important issues, but also reflective in its speak to the truth of confusion and concern of the world at the moment." - The Blurb Magazine

"A gripping, riotous display of the human resolve, the pitfalls of single-mindedness, and our innate practice of stereotyping each other, this killer dark comedy is more than meets the eye." - Peril Magazine

"This play is an important response to a modern age fraught with misinformation and mistrust." - Stage Whispers

"Razor-sharp dialogue underpins the fast-paced action occurring in a single space and real time." - Weekend Notes 

"There are few things more satisfying in theatre than seeing a young playwright emerging toward maturity, and this sophisticated and assured ripping yarn filled with the blarney represents a creative leap forward from Marquet's debut play..." - The Australian

"This killer dark comedy from acclaimed actor/playwright Kathryn Marquet tackles climate change and corruption with razor-sharp wit and Tarantino-esque turbulence, leaving audiences shell-shocked." - Must Do Brisbane


  Ian Lawson  
Designer  Vilma Mattila
Lighting Designer  Christine Felmingham
Sound Designer Will Hughes
With  John Batchelor, Julian Curtis, Kimie Tsukakoshi and Emily Weir


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