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2014 has been a massive year for Playlab. It has included a diverse range of program activities and the largest publication sales in the organisation’s history (in fact we have doubled sales in the past two years!). A thank you goes out to all who have made it possible including our Board, Queensland Theatre Company, Australia Council for the Arts, kuril dhagun, Arts Centre Gold Coast, Nielson Property, Drama Queensland and Arts Queensland for their support. Here are some statistics for the year:

Lab Rats (Development Readings)

This programs has:

  • Supported 6 playwrights.
  • Provided 11 Free in depth assessments to the unsuccessful submitted playwrights.
  • Supported another project – The Witch That Wasn’t by Alice Flynn.
  • Helped Krystal Sweedman (one of the six playwrights) achieve La Boite Indie programming.
  • Informed two other plays of participants before readings elsewhere.
  • Employed 25 actors
  • Employed 3 dramaturgs
  • Employed 5 directors

Lab Partners (Creative Partnerships)

Through this program Playlab has:

  • A commission with JUTE theatre in Cairns — The Accidental Premier.
  • Playreadings of Hotel Beche de Merwith the Bleach Festival.
  • A production of Hotel Beche de Mer with, and at the Arts Centre Gold Coast.


Playlab presented 4 classes by Angela Betzien, Hannie Rayson, Patricia Cornelius and Kate Mulvany.

Drama Queensland

Playlab financed and published the keynote address from John Sheedy (Barking Gecko) for DQ’s Revitalise conference.


Playlab published 24 titles, including the following Queensland outcomes:

  • La Boite — Pale Blue Dot by Kathryn Marquet (Also as the Program)
  • QMF — Behind the Cane by Michael and Margery Forde
  • Zen Zen Zo — The Tempest Adapted by Lynne Bradley
  • Markwell Presents — The Cinematic Theatre Handbook
  • Dead Puppets Society — The Harbinger by David Morton and Matthew Ryan
  • Crossroad Arts — Melek Mo Hani by Steve Mayer-Miller
  • Machina by Richard Jordan (As the program for the production)
  • Hedonism’s 2nd Album by David Burton and Claire Christian (As the program for the production)

Playlab Indie publications:

  • The Grand by Victoria Careless (Qld Playwright)
  • Lazarus Won’t Get Out of Bed by David Burton (Qld Playwright)
  • Dropped by Katy Warner
  • The Good Girl by Emilie Collyer
  • Single Admissions by Tammy Weller (Qld Playwright)
  • I Love You Bro by Adam Cass


Playlab has supported 4 young people studying at university with internships:

  • 3 from The University of Queensland.
  • 1 from  Griffith University.

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